A Crippled Man Is Healed

Acts Quiz #2

Acts 3-4

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1. Where were Peter and John going when they came across the crippled man?

2. How long had the man been unable to walk?

3. How much silver and gold did Peter and John give the crippled man?

4. In whose name did Peter tell the crippled man to rise up and walk?

5. What did Peter do when a crowd of people gathered around Peter and John and the man that had been healed?

6. How many believers were there after the crippled man was healed?

7. What did the religious leaders do to Peter and John when they saw that many people were believing in Jesus?

8. When the religious leaders saw that Peter and John were uneducated men, they were amazed and knew it was because they had been with whom?

9. What did the religious leaders do to Peter and John before releasing them?

10. Why didn't the religious leaders beat Peter and John?

11. After Peter and John told the other believers about being arrested and put in prison, they all prayed together. What happened next?