Liars and Prisoners

Acts Quiz #3

Acts 5

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1. What did Ananias and Sapphira lie about?

2. Why were believers selling their belongings?

3. What happened to Ananias when Peter confronted him about his lying?

4. What happened to Sapphira when Peter confronted her about lying?

5. Peter said that Ananias had not lied to men, but to who?

6. Many people lined the streets hoping what would fall on them as Peter passed by?

7. How did the Sadducees react when they saw many people believing in Jesus?

8. Where did the Sadducees put Peter and the apostles for the night?

9. What happened during the night?

10. What did the angel tell the apostles to do?

11. When the temple police went to bring the apostles up out of jail, what did they find?

12. Where were the apostles found?

13. The religious leaders were furious and wanted to do what to the apostles?

14. A respected man who taught the law told the religious leaders to leave these men alone or they may find themselves fighting against God Himself. What was this man's name?

15. What did the religious leaders do with the apostles before releasing them?