Stephen and Philip Called to Serve

Acts Quiz #4

Acts 6-8

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1. Who felt the apostles were neglecting them?

2. Who did the apostles appoint to help take care of the believers' needs?

3. Which of these men were among the seven men appointed to help take care of the believers? (Check all that apply.)

4. Stephen spoke with such wisdom that the foreign Jews could not refute what he said. What did they do?

5. Stephen was brought before the Sanhedrin and his face looked like what?

6. What happened to Stephen when the Sanhedrin dragged him outside the city?

7. That same day, what began to happen to other believers?

8. Who began to attack followers of Jesus?

9. What did many believers do because of the attacks?

10. A man in Samaria who practiced sorcery became a believer. What was his name?

11. The Holy Spirit told Philip to walk down a certain road. Who passed by in a chariot?

12. What was the man in the chariot reading?

13. Philip got into the chariot and explained to the man about Jesus. What was the man's response?

14. What happened when the chariot passed by some water?