Saul Believes

Acts Quiz #5

Acts 9

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1. What did Saul do to believers?

2. Where did Saul want to go and round up believers?

3. Why did Saul have to travel far from Jerusalem to find believers to put in prison?

4. What did Saul see on the way to Damascus?

5. What did Saul hear on the way to Damascus?

6. What did the men traveling with Saul hear?

7. What happened to Saul's eyes after he saw the bright light?

8. Where did Saul spend the next 3 days?

9. Who came to Saul after 3 days?

10. Why didn't Ananias want to go see Saul?

11. What happened when Ananias laid his hands on Saul?

12. What did Saul do in Damascus?

13. What did the unbelieving Jews want to do to Saul?

14. How did Saul get out of Damascus?