Peter in Prison

Acts Quiz #6

Acts 12

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1. Who did Herod kill with the sword?

2. Who did Herod put in prison when he saw that the Jews were pleased when he killed James?

3. What did Herod intend to do with Peter after he captured him?

4. The night before Peter was to be killed, what was he doing?

5. Who suddenly appeared in Peter's prison cell?

6. What fell off of Peter's wrists?

7. As the angel led Peter out of prison, what did Peter think was happening?

8. How did Peter and the angel get through the iron gate that led to the city?

9. What happened to the angel as soon as Peter left the prison and entered the city?

10. Why did Peter go to Mary's house?

11. Who came to the door when Peter knocked and was so excited that she forgot to open the door?

12. The next day, what happened to the soldiers that had been guarding Peter?

13. What did the people of Tyre and Sidon say that Herod was?

14. What happened to Herod when he became filled with selfish pride?

15. What happened to the church?