The First Missionaries

Acts Quiz #7

Acts 13-14

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1. What were the names of the three men that went on the first missions trip?

2. Who told Barnabas and Paul to go on the missionary trip?

3. On the island of Cyprus, Paul rebuked an evil magician. What happened?

4. What did the governor, Sergius Paulus, do because of what happened?

5. In many cities, where did Barnabas and Paul go to tell people about Jesus?

6. What did the Gentiles in Antioch of Pisidia beg Paul to do?

7. How did the unbelieving Jews feel when they saw the large crowds go to the synagogue?

8. What did many Gentiles in Antioch of Pisidia do when they heard Paul preach?

9. Why did Barnabas and Paul leave Antioch of Pisidia?

10. Why did the men leave Iconium when many were believing in Jesus?

11. In Lystra, what did the people think Barnabas and Paul were?

12. Who came to Lystra and stirred up the people against Barnabas and Paul?

13. What did the people of Lystra do to Paul?

14. What did Barnabas and Paul do after leaving Lystra?