The Second Missionary Journey

Acts Quiz #8

Acts 15-16

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1. What were Barnabas and Paul planning to do on a second missionary journey?

2. What could Barnabas and Paul not agree on?

3. Who did Barnabas choose to travel with?

4. Who did Paul choose to travel with?

5. Paul saw a vision of a man asking them to come over to where?

6. Paul and Silas arrived in Macedonia and met with believers in what city?

7. One woman became a believer and invited Paul and Silas to stay with her family. What was her name?

8. A slave girl followed Paul and Silas and was not in her right mind. What did Paul do?

9. Why did Paul's actions make the slave girl's owners angry?

10. What did the authorities do to Paul and Silas before throwing them in jail?

11. What did Paul and Silas do during their night in jail?

12. What happened at midnight?

13. When the jailer saw what happened at midnight, what did he plan to do?

14. What did the jailer and his household do that night?

15. What happened to Paul and Silas the next morning?