The Second Missionary Journey Continues

Acts Quiz #9

Acts 17-18

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1. Where did Paul usually preach when he went to a new city?

2. What is a synagogue?

3. Why did Paul have to leave Thessalonica during the night?

4. After Paul preached in Berea, what did the people search?

5. Why did Paul have to leave Berea suddenly?

6. When Paul arrived in Athens, he noticed the people worshiped what?

7. In Athens, Paul saw an altar to what god?

8. In Athens, Paul was invited to speak at an important place called what?

9. In Corinth, Paul met two believers, Aquilla and Priscilla. What did they do for a living?

10. God spoke to Paul in a night vision. What did He tell him?

11. How long did Paul stay in Corinth?

12. In Corinth, what did Paul do during the week?

13. What did the judge in Corinth do when the Jews tried to cause trouble for Paul?