The Third Missionary Journey

Acts Quiz #10

Acts 18:23 - 19

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1. What do we call the people that lived in the city of Ephesus?

2. Why did people bring handkerchiefs and aprons for Paul to touch?

3. What did the seven sons of Skeva try to do?

4. What happened to the seven sons of Skeva?

5. What did people bring to be burned?

6. How much did the books cost that were burned?

7. Why did the silversmiths get angry?

8. Why were fewer silver idols being sold?

9. Who were the silversmiths carving statues of?

10. What were the people in Ephesus shouting?

11. Who calmed the crowd?

12. Where can we find the letter that Paul wrote to the believers in Ephesus?