Paul Taken Prisoner

Acts Quiz #11

Acts 20-26

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1. What happened to a man named Eutychus while Paul was preaching?

2. What did Agabus tie around his hands and feet when Paul arrived in Caesarea?

3. After Paul was in Jerusalem for a week, some men recognized him and tried to do what?

4. The Roman Captain came and rescued Paul from the angry mob and brought Paul where?

5. What did Paul do on the steps before entering the castle?

6. Some men took an oath that they would not eat until they had done what?

7. Who overheard the plan to harm Paul?

8. What did the Roman Captain do when he learned of the plan to harm Paul?

9. The unbelieving Jews brought many accusations against Paul, but what did they not have?

10. How long did Felix keep Paul in prison before Festus became governor?

11. Who did Paul appeal to? (In other words, who did Paul want his case to be heard by?)

12. What crime did Paul commit that forced the Romans to keep him in prison?