Paul Is Shipwrecked

Acts Quiz #12

Acts 27-28

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1. What kind of transportation did Paul take when he left Caesarea?

2. Where was Paul heading?

3. Why didn't ships normally sail in the winter?

4. What was Paul's advice when they were about to leave Fair Havens?

5. What happened when they left Fair Havens?

6. What was the name of the island they saw and tried to land the ship on?

7. How did the passengers and prisoners get from the ship to the island?

8. What grabbed Paul's hand when he put wood on the fire?

9. What happened to Paul after he was bitten by the poisonous viper?

10. When spring came, Paul arrived in Rome. Where did he stay?

11. What did Paul always have by his side?

12. What did Paul do while a prisoner in Rome?