Wise Men Follow A Star

Birth_Of_Jesus Quiz #4

Luke 2, Matthew 2

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1. What name did the angel tell Mary and Joseph to give to Mary's baby?

2. What does the name Jesus mean?

3. To whom did God made a promise about seeing the Messiah?

4. What did wise men in the east see that let them know a king had been born?

5. Who did the wise men ask for directions to the new king?

6. What did King Herod want to do to the new king?

7. How did the wise men find the house where baby Jesus lived with Joseph and Mary?

8. What did the wise men do when they saw Jesus?

9. What gifts did the wise men give Jesus? (check all that apply)

10. What warning did the wise men receive in a dream?

11. Where did Joseph and Mary take baby Jesus?

12. What did Herod do to the children in Judea?