Daniel and the King's Dream

Daniel Quiz #2

Daniel 2

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1. In what country did King Nebuchadnezzar live?

2. What woke up King Nebuchadnezzar in the middle of the night?

3. Who did the king call upon to tell him about his dream?

4. What information did the king ask for that was humanly impossible to get?

5. What was the king planning to do because he was angry?

6. Who went to the king and asked for more time?

7. What did Daniel and his 3 friends do about the bad situation?

8. What happened while Daniel slept?

9. How did Daniel explain to the king his ability to tell the king what he had dreamed?

10. What had the king dreamed?

11. Who did the head of gold represent?

12. How many of the king's wise men were killed?