The Handwriting on the Wall

Daniel Quiz #4

Daniel 5

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1. Who became the new king of Babylon in this lesson?

2. What did the new king of Babylon host for 1000 people?

3. What was King Belshazzar doing a lot of during the feast?

4. What did the king order his servants to bring into the feast?

5. What did the king and his guests do with these items that were brought in?

6. What did the king see that made his knees knock together?

7. What did the queen tell the king to do when his wise men could not read the writing?

8. Who was able to read the writing?

9. What did the writing say would happen to the kingdom of Babylon? (Check all that apply)

10. To what position did the king promote Daniel?

11. What happened to Belshazzar that very night?

12. Who became new king of Babylon?