Elisha's Foolish Servant

Elisha Quiz #5

2 Kings 5:15-27

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1. What did Gehazi see and want?

2. Why didn't Elisha accept Naaman's gifts?

3. What did Gehazi say when Elisha asked where he had been?

4. How did Elisha know what Gehazi had done?

5. What happened to Gehazi because of his greediness?

6. Why were the prophets cutting logs by the Jordan river?

7. What happened to the ax?

8. What did Elisha do to help with the problem?

9. What was the result of Elisha's help?

10. What did Aramean raiders try to do to Israel cities?

11. Why were the Aramean attacks never successful?

12. What did King Ben-hadad want to do to Elisha?

13. What happened when Ben-hadad's army went to capture Elisha?

14. Where did Elisha lead Ben-hadad's army?

15. What did Elisha do to the army in Samaria?