Jehu Becomes King

Elisha Quiz #7

2 Kings 8 - 10

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1. What question did Hazael ask Elisha while Elisha was in Damascus?

2. Why did Elisha begin weeping after Hazael asked him the question?

3. What did Hazael do to become king?

4. Who did Elisha send to anoint a new king?

5. Who was anointed king of Israel?

6. What did the young prophet do after he anointed the new king?

7. What was the first thing that Jehu did as king?

8. What wicked woman was killed at Jehu's command?

9. Where was Jezebel buried?

10. What did Jehu do to the prophets of Baal?

11. What did Jehu fail to destroy that he should have destroyed?

12. How is Jehu remembered?