Joash the Boy King

Elisha Quiz #8

2 Kings 11 - 12, 2 Chronicles 22-24

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1. Why did Athaliah kill all of her relatives?

2. What was the name of the boy child who was a relative of Queen Athaliah, but wasn't killed?

3. Why did wicked Queen Athaliah leave one of her relatives alive?

4. Who was the high priest that raised the boy?

5. How old was the boy when he was crowned king?

6. What happened to wicked Queen Athaliah when the boy became king?

7. What did King Joash want to repair?

8. How did King Joash collect money to repair the temple?

9. Who actually made the repairs on the temple?

10. Who did King Joash obey while Jehoida was alive?

11. Who did King Joash become friendly with after Jehoida was dead?

12. How would you describe King Joash's last days?