Elisha's Final Prophecy

Elisha Quiz #9

2 Kings 13-17, 2 Chronicles 25

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1. Why did King Jehoash go to visit Elisha's home?

2. What did Elisha tell Jehoash to get?

3. What did King Jehoash do at the east window?

4. How many times did Jehoash strike the ground with arrows?

5. What did that represent?

6. Where was Elisha's body put after he died?

7. What happened when a dead body was thrown into Elisha's tomb?

8. What was King Amaziah filled with after he defeated Edom?

9. Who did King Amaziah foolishly try to start a fight with?

10. What happened to Jerusalem as a result? (Check all that apply)

11. How many kings of Israel obeyed the Lord?

12. Where was Israel carried off to?

13. What did God send to Israel because he was not pleased with the heathen people in the land?