Hezekiah Dies, Josiah Reigns

Elisha Quiz #11

2 Kings 20-23, 2 Chronicles 29-34

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1. What problem was Hezekiah facing?

2. What did the prophet Isaiah tell Hezekiah would happen to him?

3. What did Hezekiah do when he heard this news?

4. What news did Isaiah give him then?

5. How did God prove to Hezekiah that his prayer would be answered?

6. When Manasseh brought idol worship into Judah, how did God punish him?

7. What did Manasseh then do that pleased God?

8. What did King Josiah have cleaned and repaired?

9. What was found while the temple was being cleaned?

10. Who needed to hear the words in the scroll?

11. What promise did the king and the people make?

12. How did Josiah die?