Job Is Depressed

Job Quiz #3

Job 3-7

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1. What did the young men of Uz do to Job now that his health, wealth, and family were gone?

2. What new trial has overtaken Job?

3. What is a lament?

4. What was Job's first lament?

5. What was Job's second lament?

6. What was Job's third lament?

7. Who was the first of Job's friends to speak?

8. After giving Job bad advice, what did Job's friend tell Job about?

9. How did Job feel about his friend's speech?

10. What did Job tell his friends that he needed?

11. What did Job's friend say that wasn't true?

12. What was another thing that Job's friend said that wasn't true?

13. Your friends may disappoint you, but what friend will never fail you?