Nehemiah Travels to Jerusalem

Nehemiah Quiz #2

Nehemiah 2

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1. When Nehemiah asked to go rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, what did the King say?

2. When Nehemiah also asked for timbers from the king's forest, what did the king say?

3. Why did the king send letters with Nehemiah?

4. Who traveled to Jerusalem with Nehemiah?

5. What two men were angry when they learned about the rebuilding of Jerusalem? (Check all that apply)

6. After Nehemiah arrived in Jerusalem, how long did he wait before inspecting the walls?

7. During this time, who did Nehemiah tell the purpose of his visit to Jerusalem?

8. When did Nehemiah go out to inspect the walls of Jerusalem?

9. What problem did Nehemiah have while inspecting the walls?

10. What did the rulers and people say when they heard why Nehemiah had come to Jerusalem?