The Wall Is Completed

Nehemiah Quiz #4

Nehemiah 5 - 6

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1. In Nehemiah 5, what stopped?

2. What problems were the workers facing?

3. Who was lending money to the poor and charging a high interest rate?

4. Why were the poor unable to pay back the money? (Check all that apply)

5. What word is used in the Bible for the practice of charging high rates of interest?

6. What does the Bible say about the practice of charging usury?

7. How did Nehemiah react when he learned about the high interest rates being charged?

8. What did Nehemiah do about the situation?

9. How did the rulers and noblemen respond to Nehemiah's words?

10. What did Nehemiah give away every day?

11. Why did the enemies try to get Nehemiah to meet in the plains of Ono?

12. What lies were the enemies threatening to tell King Artaxerxes?

13. How did the enemies say to Nehemiah to try to scare him into hiding?

14. How long did it take to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem?