The People Rejoice

Nehemiah Quiz #5

Nehemiah 6:15 - 12

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1. Everyone recognized the work on the wall could not have been completed so quickly without what?

2. Did everyone realize that Tobiah was an enemy of God's people?

3. What did Tobiah do to Nehemiah after the walls were complete?

4. What did Nehemiah do to Tobiah?

5. Who did Nehemiah appoint to be in charge over Jerusalem?

6. What did the people do at the celebration?

7. Who read God's word to the people?

8. What did the people do when they heard God's word?

9. What did Nehemiah tell the people they should do?

10. What feast was celebrated by cutting down branches and living in shelters?

11. What did the people do to show they were serious about obeying God?

12. How did Nehemiah get families to move into Jerusalem?

13. What happened at the dedication ceremony when the walls were dedicated?

14. Where did Nehemiah go after the work in Jerusalem was complete?