Nehemiah Returns To Jerusalem

Nehemiah Quiz #6

Nehemiah 13:3 - 13:31

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1. Nehemiah found Moabites and Ammonites living in Jerusalem. What were the problems with this? (Check all that apply.)

2. What did the people do about the Moabites and Ammonites living in Jerusalem?

3. What did Nehemiah find happening on the Sabbath?

4. What did Nehemiah do to keep people in Jerusalem from buying and selling on the Sabbath?

5. Who was living in the Temple that should not have been?

6. What did Nehemiah do to the room in the Temple that was being used as living quarters? (Check all that apply.)

7. What were the Levites doing instead of working in the Temple?

8. What did the people do when Nehemiah pointed out that they needed to give money to the Lord's work so the Levites could do their jobs in the Temple?

9. What did Nehemiah say about the marriages to heathens that had taken place?

10. What was done to Eliashib's grandson that married Sanballat's daughter?

11. What had happened many years before when the people in Jerusalem disobeyed God?

12. What did Nehemiah do every time a difficult situation came up?